Rio de Janeiro, 6-10 August, 2012

The II Jayme Tiomno School of Cosmology will be held at Brazilian Center for Research in Physics in Rio de Janeiro from 6 -10 August, 2012. It aims at preparing the Brazilian community to the ongoing and also to the next generation of experiments in Cosmology, by providing Ph.D. students and researchers with basic and more advanced selected courses in Cosmology.
The topics, and lecturers, covered in the second edition of the School are:

Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations

Yun Wang

University of Oklahoma - USA

Cosmology with Type Ia Supernovae

Richard Kessler

University of Chicago - USA

The Physics of Cosmic Acceleration

Eric V. Linder

University of California, Berkeley - USA

Primordial non-Gaussianity in the cosmological perturbations

Antonio Riotto

University of Geneva - SWITZERLAND

I Jayme Tiomno School of Cosmology