An international symposium in honor of Professor Mario Novello, will be held November 26-30, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Organized by ICRA-CBPF, Departments of Cosmology Relativity and Astrophysics at CBPF.

The "Symposium Mario Novello on Bouncing Models" is to honor the decades of long work of M. Novello to promote cosmology in Brazil and develop numerous interactions with other countries, and for his emphasis, for many years, on bouncing models that culminated in 2008 with an exhaustive report on the subject. All aspects of this subject, from the high energy theory implementation to the observational consequences, will be covered. The Symposium on bouncing cosmological models will be held in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the charming beach Resort of Portobello, Mangaratiba, 100 km away from Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Mário Novello Scientific Organizing Committee
Nelson Pinto Neto
Patrick Peter
Felipe Falciano


Professor Mario Novello

Professor Novello was born in 1942 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He graduated at the University of Brasilia in 1965, and obtained his master of science degree in 1968 at CBPF (Brazilian Center of Research on Physics) under the supervision of professor Jose Leite Lopes, one of the founders of CBPF and one of the most qualified Brazilian physicists. Novello decided to pursue his PhD at University of Geneve under the supervision of Professor Josef Maria Jauch, and presented his thesis entitled “Algebre de l'espace-temps” in 1972

In 1976, Novello created the Cosmology and Gravitation group at CBPF, establishing for the first time a systematic research on cosmology in Brazil. Along the years, his students and collaborators helped to spread the scientific research on cosmology and gravitation all over the country, creating several groups in different regions of Brazil, and increasing the number of good physicists working on the area. It is difficult to find any cosmologist in Brazil who has not benefited of the initiatives of Prof. Novello.

Already in 1979, Novello constructed the first analytical bounce cosmological model, one of the important lines of research in cosmology nowadays.

Awards and Titles

In 1976, Mario Novello received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Natural Sciences for his contributions on Astronomy and Astrophysics. In 2004, Novello was granted a degree Honoris Causa from University of Lyon, France, due to his studies on non-singular cosmological models, and in 2008, he became Cesare Lattes ICRANet Chair on the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics (ICRANet, Pescara e Roma, Italia).