The Canon Package

Manipulation of tensorial indices

The Canon package's purpose is to work as a kernel for complete Maple tensor packages. It is useful for manipulating indexed objects obeying generic permutation symmetries and possibly having dummy indices. The Canon package uses computational group theory algorithms to efficiently simplify generic tensor expressions by manipulating tensorial indices.

The package has a small number of external commands, which are: CanonDefine, Canonical, CanonicalOne, CanonPrint, CanonUnPrint.

The package has over 50 internal procedures which implements the computational group algorithms needed for index manipulation. There is a brief description of each of them in the accompanying source file.

Download the current version (1.1) and related files. See the readme.txt file for details.

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Last update:  July, 2003.
Maintained by Renato Portugal/LNCC-MCT, Brazil.