• Talks at the conference: Those of you who will give a talk at the conference are kindly asked to upload your talk via the INDICO system well before your presentation, and no later than the morning of the day before your presentation. There will be computers available in the conference venue which you can use to upload your talk in case you wish to do it during the week of the meeting. If you are arriving in Rio on the day of your talk or late on the day before it, please make sure you have your talk uploaded to INDICO and in case of doubt contact the LOC via email to check that everything is in place with your contribution. Open wifi will be available throughout the venue for all participants and accompanying people.

Instructions for presenters


  • - The posters should be prepared in A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) size.
  • - The size of the region available for installing each poster is 1 m (width) x 2 m (height).
  • - You will be able to either hang it or stick it in the display boards.
  • - We recommend the use of font size 24pt for the main body of your poster.
  • - You can also upload your poster in the INDICO server (see instructions for slide presenters below).


  • - The time allocated for each oral contribution is 15 min (=12+3), that is, 12 minutes for the talk itself and 3 minutes for questions.
  • - Slides should be provided in pdf format.
  • - The recommended way of delivering your presentation is uploading it as soon as possible (the deadline is the day before your talk) using the INDICO server. The procedure is the same one used during paper submission:
    1. access the link My Contributions in the My Conference
    2. section menu. You will see all your accepted papers.
    3. click on one of your accepted papers, then click Edit files
    4. to upload your slides, click on Add Material
    5. select Material type: Slides/Poster.
    6. Browse and Create Resource
  • - Avoid the use of light colors such as yellow or green in your slides, for they tend to be almost unreadable by the audience.