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(Un)published Papers  Every physics department has a sizeable collection of papers which are never formally published.  These include PhD and master's theses, course notes, unpublished papers, whatever.  Here we list some papers which may be of interest.
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There are more physics documents scattered about the web.  See PhysNet for a good introduction (especially PhysDis which includes, for example, recent theses in theoretical particle physics at CERN).

Course: Conceitos Basicos de Mecanica Quantica para Computacao Quantica (March, 2003)
Author: Franklin de Lima Marquezino
An introduction to Quantum Mechanics for Computer Science students. Includes such topics as: particle-wave duality, uncertainty principle, Schroedinger equation, angular momentum, the Bohr atomic model, potential wells and tunneling, theta and delta functions, qubits, etc. (In Portuguese)
Lecture notes (542k, 68 pages)

Course: Teorias de Gauge Supersimétricas
Author: Prof. Helayël and M. Beatriz D. Silva M. Porto
Course notes from Prof. Helayël's 1999 course on supersymmetric gauge theories, to be considered along with Marco Antonio de Andrade's notes on spinors in arbitrary dimensions. In these notes, N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories are constructed for various dimensions, making use of dimensional reduction to obtain N>1 theories in lesser dimensions. (In Portuguese)
Lecture notes (100k, 53 pages)

Course: String Theory and Zeta-function
Author: Francesco Toppan
Abstract: These lecture notes are based on a revised and LaTexed version of the Master thesis defended at ISAS. The research part being omitted, they include a review of the bosonic closed string a la Polyakov and of the one-loop background field method of quantization defined through the zeta-function. In an appendix some basic features of the Riemann's zeta-function are also reviewed. The pedagogical aspects of the material here presented are particularly emphasized.
These notes are used, together with the Scherk's article in Rev. Mod. Phys. and the first volume of the Polchinski book for the mini-course on String Theory (16-hours of lectures) held at CBPF. In this course the Green-Schwarz-Witten two-volumes book is also used for consultative purposes.
Lecture Notes Page

Course: Compactificação e Redução Dimensional com o Método de Kaluza Klein
Author: Marco Antonio de Andrade
"Mini-Course" offered by Marco Antonio de Andrade concerning dimensional reduction.
 Lecture notes from first two classes. (88k, 13 paginas).

Course: Introducao as Ideias Basicas sobre Renormalizacao em Teoria Quantica de Campos
Author: Daniel H. T. Franco
Two-part course tought in Petropolis, near Rio in May, 2000.
Notas da primeira aula. (117k, 20 paginas)
Notas da quarta aula. (200k, X paginas)

Course: Dirac Spinors in Arbitrary Dimensions
Author: Marco Antonio de Andrade
Epecially useful course for those students considering supersymmetry and/or dimensional reduction in more (or less) than 1 time and 3 space dimensions.  (In Portuguese)
Lecture notes (175k, 37 pages)

Course: Introduction to Supergravity (Portuguese)
Authors: Prof. Helayel-Neto, C.N. Ferreira, L.R.U. Manssur, M.E.X. Guimaraes
Chapter 1: The Present Status of Quantum Gravity. Chapter 2: Basic Notions of General Relativity.  Chapter 3: Gravitational Symmetries and Associated Gauge Fields.  Chapter 4: Study of Torsion and Curvature Using the Covariant Derivatives D_\alpha.  Chapter 5: Equations of Motion.   Chapter 6: Coupling Gravity to Matter.  Chapter 7: Coupling Spin-3/2 Fields to Gravity.  Chapter 8: Higher-Order Lagrangians and Dynamical Torsion.  Chapter 9: Introduction to Supersymmetry.  Chapter 10: Supergravity.
Paper (250k, 88 pages)

PhD Thesis:  Finitude em Teoria Quantica de Campos: Um Estudo Algebrico (December, 2001, Portuguese)
Author: Marcelo Silva Sarandy
Abstract: Ultraviolet finite quantum field theories are discussed in the framework of the algebraic renormalization. Firstly, by studying the BRST cohomology, we show the finiteness of the self-dual Pasti-Sorokin-Tonin (PST) models, as well as the absence of gauge anomaly. These models have arised as a covariantization of duality symmetric actions and, although a coupling constant is not present, they have an infinite series of interactions arranged in a nonpolinomial term. We work explicitely in two, four and six dimensions, indicating an argument for the extension of the results for higher dimensions.
After the PST models, we present an algebraic criterion for the vanishing of the beta function for renormalizable quantum field theories, which is based on the descent equations following from the invariant counterterms consistency condition. In the cases we will be interested, these equations relate the fully quantized action to a local gauge invariant field polynomial. The vanishing of the anomalous dimension of this polynomial enables us to establish a nonrenormalization theorem for the beta function $\beta _g$, stating that if the one-loop order contribution vanishes, then $\beta _g$ will vanish to all orders of perturbation theory. As a by-product, the special case in which $\beta _g$ is only of one-loop order, without any further corrections, is also covered. The examples of Chern-Simons in three dimensions coupled to fermionic matter and $N=2$ and $N=4$ super Yang-Mills theories are discussed in detail.
Thesis (260k, 98 pages)

PhD Thesis:  Aspectos de Gravitação Quântica e  de Teorias Quânticas com Torção Dinâmica (February, 2001, Portuguese)
Author: Guilherme de Berredo Peixoto
Abstract:Investigamos nesta tese vários aspectos da teoria quântica de campos. No trabalho mais relevante, estudamos as restrições à torção dinâmica que surgem no contexto de uma teoria quântica de campos efetiva. Este resultado é um exe
mplo de restrição à geometria do espaço-tempo obtida através de métodos das teorias quânticas de campos. Outros resultados incluem a construção de uma nova versão de teoria com derivadas superiores e simetria conforme local, sua contribuição para a anomalia e o cálculo das divergências a 1-loop para a gravitação quântica usando uma nova parametrização conforme.
Abstract: Several problems of quantum field theory have been investigated throughout this thesis. The most relevant result is the analysis of the constraints on a dynamical torsion arising in the framework of effective quantum field theory. We then present an example of the restrictions on the space-time geometry obtained by quantum field theory methods. Other results include the construction of a new version of higher-derivative theory with local conformal symmetry, its contribuction to anomaly and the derivation of 1-loop divergences for quantum gravity in a new conformal parametrization.
Thesis (270k, 103 pages)

PhD Thesis:  Aspectos Peculiares das Eletrodinâmicas de Maxwell e Maxwell-Chern-Simons Planares (February, 2001, Portuguese)
Author: Winder Alexander de Moura Melo
Classical Maxwell and Maxwell-Chern-Simons (MCS) Electrodynamics in (2+1)D are studied in a great deal of details. General expressions for the potentials and fields are obtained for both models, and some particular cases are explicitly solved. Conceptual and technical difficulties arise, however, for accelerated charges. The propagation of electromagnetic signals is also studied and their reverberation is worked out and discussed. Furthermore, we show that a Dirac-like monopole yields a (static) tangential electric field. We also discuss some classical and quantum-mechanical consequences of the field created by such a monopole when acting upon a usual electric charge. In particular, we show that, at large distances, the dynamics of one single charged particle under the action of such a potential and a constant (external) magnetic field as well reduces to that of one central harmonic oscillator, presenting, however, an interesting angular sector which admits energy-eigenvalues. Among other peculiarities, both the radial and the angular sectors, present non-vanishing energy eigenvalues for their lowest levels. Moreover, those associated to the angle are shown to respond to discrete shifts of such a variable. We also raise the question of the possibility of formation of bound states in this system.
Thesis (250k, 49 pages)

PhD Thesis: Contribuições recentes ao estudo de teorias de gauge planares (February 1, 2001, Portuguese)
Author: José Luís Boldo
A number of different topics that regard planar field theories are presented and discussed in this thesis. Particular attention is devoted to the issue of torsion in pure gravity and gravity coupled to fermions; the dynamical mass generation mechanism is reassessed in this framework. Aside from these problems, one tackles here the techniques for extending superfields and superspace formalism in those cases where supersymmetry is explicitly and spontaneously broken. With our results, the breaking parameters are taken into account to all orders in the free superpropagators.
Thesis (230k, 59 pages)

PhD Thesis: Propriedades Quânticas da Electrodinâmica Bidimensional Renormalizada (November, 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Rodolfo Alván Casana Sifuentes
We regularize and renormalize, by functional integral techniques, the anomalous (ASM) and the chiral Schwinger model (CSM). The renormalization is done both semi-perturbatively (in terms of an expansion involving the exact photon propagator) and exactly. We study the screening and confinement of test charges (using the regularized theories), confirming our results by a Wilson loop analysis. We find the operator solution of the ASM, using the bosonization method, and we reveal the structure of the Hilbert space and the physical observables. We analyze the behaviour of the chiral condensates and physical currents in the ASM, in what concerns cluster properties and infrared behaviour, and we show that gauge symmetry is preserved at the quantum level (for av * 1), in a similar way to what happens in the CSM. All our results show the consistency of anomalous gauge theories in two dimensions, at least for some classes of regularizations.
Thesis (388k, 95 pages)

PhD Thesis: Aspectos algebricos e geometricos dos modelos de Toda (September 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Guillermo Santiago Cuba Castillo
We study the relation between the group algebraic approach and the dressing symmetry one to the soliton solutions of the A(1)_n Toda field theory in 1+1 dimensions. Originally solitons in the affine Toda models has been found by Olive, Turok and Underwood. Single solitons are created by exponentials of elements which ad{diagonalize the principal Heisenberg subalgebra. Alternatively Babelon and Bernard exploited the dressing symmetry to reproduce the known expressions for the fundamental tau functions in the sine-Gordon model. We show the equivalence between these two methods to construct solitons in the A(1)_n Toda models.
By studying the internal Riemannian geometry of the surfaces of constant negative scalar curvature, we obtain a natural map between the Liouville, and the sine-Gordon equations. Considering isometric immersions into the Lobachevskian plane, we obtain an uniform expression for the general (locally defined) solution of both the equations. We prove that there is a Lie-Backlund transformation interpolating between Liouville and sine-Gordon. We also derive an auto-Backlund Transformation for the Liouville equation.
Thesis (267k, 88 pages)

Master's Thesis: Rediscutindo a Trialidade de Cartan (May 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Moises Porfirio Rojas Leyva
Spinors are discured in space-times with arbitrary signatures and a great deal of attention is drawn to the so-called Majorana-Weyl representation. In particular, we contemplate the case of 8 dimensions, where Cartan's triality plays a central role. Our main purpose is to reassess triality by adopting a sort of " superspace" formulation where a Majorana-Weyl representation is adopted and greatly simplifes the treatment.
Thesis (200k, 98 pages)

PhD Thesis: Resultados Recentes em Teorias de Gauge Planares Supersimetricas (Abril 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Leon Ricardo Ururahy Manssur
In this work we propose to analyse a supersymmetric gauge model in D = 4. It includes a Maxwell field minimally coupled to scalar matter and to another 2-form gauge potential, wich in turns couples non-minimally to the scalar. Through a process of dimensional reduction, supplemented by an identi,cation of both gauge fields, we obtain an N = 2-D = 3 supersymmetric gauge theory with a Chern-Simons term and non-minimal coupling to matter. It is shown that the bosonic sector of this model displays topological vortex solutions. The model is still reassessed by means of the Simplectic Projector Method, and we obtain thereby the true dynamical phase space degrees of freedom of the bosonic theory. At last, we recionsider the model by formulating it with the help of superspace techniques. The bosonic component of the central charge present in the supersymmetry algebra is calculated and one shows, as expected, that it is nothing but the topological charge.
Neste trabalho, propomos um modelo de gauge supersimetrico em D = 4. Este modelo inclui um campo de Mawxell acoplado minimamente "a materia escalar e a um outro potencial de gauge, 2-forma que, por sua vez, acopla-se nao-minimamente ao escalar. Atraves de um procedimento de reducao dimensional, suplementado por uma identi,cacao apropriada entre os 2 campos de gauge, obtemos o modelo de Maxwell-Chern-Simons em D = 3, com um termo de Chern-Simons e acoplamento nao-minimo, alem de supersimetria N = 2. Mostra-se que o setor bosonico deste modelo possui solucoes de vortices topologicos. O modelo e tambem avaliado atraves do Metodo do Projetor Simpletico, o que revela os graus de liberdade efetivamente dinamicos do espaco de fase da teoria bosonica. Finalmente, reconsidera-se o modelo do ponto de vista do superespaco, formulando-o em termos de supercampos. Obtem-se a componente bosonica de sua carga central e se demonstra, como esperado, que esta coincide com a carga topologica.
Thesis (189k, 67 pages)

PhD Thesis: (May 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Claudio Anael Gomes Sasaki
Apresentamos uma caracterização cohomológica para uma classe de identidades de Ward com termo de quebra linear. Os exemplos da supersimetria vetorial e da equação do anti-ghost no calibre de Landau são discutidos em detalhes. Mostramos que a existência dessas identidades de Ward com quebra linear está diretamente relacionada a certos cociclos exatos do operador de BRST, os quais dependem dos anti-campos e possuem número de ghost negativo, de forma análoga a reformulação cohomológica do teorema de Noether feita por M. Henneaux e seus colaboradores [1].
Thesis (190k, 71 pages)

Master's Thesis: Efeitos da Torção no Espectro da "Gravitação Topologicamente Massiva" (February 2000, Portuguese)
Author: Leonardo Machado de Moraes
We consider in this work the model for topologically massive gravity in (1+2)-D, taking into account torsion effects and adding up quadratic curvature terms. Envisaging a pertubative analysis of the problem, we extend the class of Barnes-Rivers spin operators. The spectrum of excitations is thoroughly analysed and the tree-level unitarity is discussed in some special cases.
Neste trabalho, consideramos o modelo da gravitação topologicamente massiva em (1+2)- D, levando em conta efeitos devido "a torção e a termos quadraticos na curvatura. Para o tratamento pertubativo do problema, e necessario estendermos os operadores de spin de Barnes-Rivers. O espectro de excitações e analisado em detalhes e a unitaridade em "tree-level" e discutida em alguns casos especiais.
vefi.ps (536k, 64 pages)

PhD Thesis: Solitons and Vertex Operators in Affine Toda Field Theories
Author: Marco A.C. Kneipp
Supervisor: Prof. D. Olive
Affine Toda field theories are relativistic integrable theories in two dimensions. Each of them are associated to an affine Kac-Moody algebra $\gg^{(k)}$. When the coupling is chosen to be imaginary these theories possess soliton solutions. These nevertheless carry real energy and momentum.  We  obtain a vertex operator construction which determine the  asymptotic behaviour   of these solitons. This result gives  some information about the topological charges of the solitons. Using this vertex operator    it is also shown  that a $N$-soliton solution at $t \rightarrow \pm \infty$ has the form of $N$ isolated solitons.   The overall lateral displacement of the soliton trajectories due to the scattering with several other solitons is determined and shown to be independent of the temporal order in which the collisions take place. This result constitutes a classical analogue of the Yang-Baxter equation. For the collision of two solitons, the  time delay in the center-of-momentum  frame is   always negative and proportional to the logarithm of the function which comes from the normal ordering of two vertex operators.  The soliton scattering matrix in semi-classical approximation is then  derived  from the time delay.   Various results of twisted and non-simply laced theories are obtained from the simply laced ones by   using folding procedures.
In particular it is  shown that the particles and solitons of the twisted theory are a subset of the unfolded theory and the criterion of ``survival'' is the same for both, particles and solitons.
Thesis (200k, 90 pages)

Master's Thesis: Canonical Quantization of Chern-Simons on the Light Front (Feb. 1996)
Author: Leon Ricardo Ururahy Manssur
By performing the canonical quantization of the Abelian Chern-Simons model on the light-front (as suggested by Dirac), we clarify some controversies appearing in recent papers that discuss the relation between the existence of excitations carrying fractional spin and statistics (anyons) and this model. Properties of the Chern-Simons model on the light-front are investigated in detail, following the Dirac method for constrained dynamical systems, both for a  coupled complex scalar field as well as for a spinor field.
Thesis (180k, 56 pages)
Summary in English (75k, 11 pages)

Master's Thesis: Supersymmetric QCD (Aug. 1998, English)
Author: Patrick Brockill
Coordinator: Prof. Erik Verlinde
In this work, we consider N=1 globally supersymmetric QCD-like theories, with N_f >= 0 matter fields in the fundamental representation of the gauge group, SU(N_c), where N_c >= 3, and where we attempt not to break global supersymmetry.  We construct both Wilsonian and1PI (and 2PI) effective actions which exhibit the same (non)anomalous symmetries (whose anomalies we calculate using the Fujikawa method) as the original theories, and we check their consistency by several means (decoupling fields, integrating in fields, 't Hooft's triangles).  Lastly, we briefly present the the duality conjecture put forth by Seiberg for N=1 theories.  At a more fundamental level, the goal of this work is to present a clear and complete logical development of this theory at the basic level, by reviewing the literature and presenting the results for only one (simple) class of gauge groups.
Thesis (700k, 133 pages)


Master's Thesis: Monopólos Magnéticos Abelianos e Quantização da Massa Topológica
em (3 + 1) Dimensões.
(February 1997, Portuguese)
Author: Winder Alexander de Moura Melo
Coordinator: Prof. José Abdalla Helayël-Neto
An Abelian gauge model with vector and 2-form potential fields mixed up by a topological
mass term is shown to exhibit Dirac-like monopoles in the presence of a matter
background. A generalised quantisation condition comes out that involves charges and
the mass parameter.
Thesis (700k, 133 pages)

Course: Campos Relativiticos
Author: Prof. Helayel
Missing 2 figures.
camp_cla.ps (1450k, 156 pages)

Course: Complex Analysis
Author: Prof. Bientholts
comp1.ps (830k, 64 pages)

Course: Aspectos de Dimensionalidade no Eletromagnetismo

Author: Prof. Helayel
161 pages,
cap1.ps (1880k, 161 pages)

Course: Teoria de Grupos e Aplicaçoes
Author: Prof. Helayel
esccbpf.ps (453k, 53 pages),
parte2.ps (273k, 31 pages)

Course: Introducao as Teorias de Gauge
Author: Prof. Helayel
Uncompresses to a large file (about 22Mb).
itg.ps (5581k, 145 pages)

Course: Introducao a Algebra Tensorial
Authors: Leticia Maria Goncalves Furtado, Patricia Macedo da Costa Jorge, Patricia Duarte Peres, Renata Alves Campos
Comments: Course given at the Universidade Catolica de Petropolis ( UCP ).
mistura.ps (126 pages, 808k)

Paper: Photons in 3 Dimensions
Author: unknown (Prof. Helayel?)
Proposta: formular um modelo, tipo interacao Eletromagnetica, que descreva fotons longitudinais em 3 dimensoes espaciais.
scalarem.ps (32 pages, 240k)

Paper: Extensao da Solucao de D'Alembert para os Operadores $\square ^{2}$ e $\square ^{3}$

Author: unknown
dalembert.ps (74k, 15 pages)
seminario_pibic.ps (130k, 16 pages)
seminario_pibic2.ps (130k, 16 pages)

Course: Teorias de gauge supersimétricas
Author: Prof. Helayel
Missing about 3 graphs or so.
susygauge.ps (148k, 16 pages)
susygauge2.ps (394k, 36 pages)

Course: Teorias de Gauge
Author: Prof. Helayel
Formulacao de diferentes teorias de Gauge para campos com spins diversos, $s=1,\frac{3}{2},2.$
Various fwad*.* images missing.
teoria.ps (536k, 64 pages)
Course: Figueroa's Lecture Notes
Author: Dr JM Figueroa-O'Farrill
Large set of lecture notes from this physicist in the UK (not related to the CBPF), including:
Page with lecture notes.
Course: Les Houches lectures "Applied Conformal Field Theory"
Author: Paul Ginsparg
Very popular set of lecture notes from Paul Ginsparg (also not at CBPF), buried away on the xxx server in an odd place (as an example of hypertex, of all things!).
hyperlh88.tar.gz (266k)

Lecture: "Teorias Modernas do Espaço-Tempo"
Author: Maria Cristina Batoni Abdalla (IFT-UNESP)
Lecture presented at XVI SNEF 2005..

Master's Thesis: "Campos, Partículas e Simetrias de Calibre com Violacão da Simetria de Lorentz"
Author: Victor José Vásquez Otoya