Proceedings:    Cosmology and Gravitation - V Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation.  .
                                Editor: Mário Novello (CBPF).  Ed. Singapore, : World Scientific (1987),  610 p. ,  Singapore.

                        Some Notes on the Propagation of Discontinuities in Solutions to the Einstein Equations - Prof. K.Lake

                        Standard Cosmology - Prof. G.F.R.Ellis

                        Nonstandard Cosmologies - Prof. J.V.Narlikar

                        The Program of an Eternal Universe - Prof. M.Novello

                        Vacuum in Plane and Curved Space-Times - Prof. N.Sanchez

                        The Role of Quantum Mechanics in the Specification of the Structure of tbe Space-Time - Prof. J.Audretsch

                        Influence of the Cosmological Background on the Mutual Interaction of Quantum Fields - Prof. J.Audretsch

                        Lectures on Particle Cosmology - Prof. E.W.Kolb

                        Toward a History of Einstein's Theory of Gravitation - Prof. J.Eisenstaedt

                        Elements of BRST Theory - Prof. C.Teitelboim

Organizing Committee:
                                                    M.Novello (CBPF)
                                                    Ligia M.C.S.Rodrigues (CBPF)