Cosmic Strings and the Singularity Problem - Prof. V. Moncrief

                        Accelerated Observers and Quantum Effects - Prof. S. Takagi

                        Introduction to Stochastic Quantum Theory - Prof. F. Guerra

                        Quantum Effects in Cosmology - Prof. L.P. Grishchuck

                        Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spaces - Prof. I.G.Moss

                        Minisuperspaces - Prof. M.P. Ryan Jr.

                        General Relativity and Fierz-Lanczos Variables - Prof. M.Novello

                         Quantum Field Theory in Eternal Universes - Prof. N.Deruelle

Organizing Committee:
                                                   M.Novello (CBPF)
                                                   L.A.R.Oliveira (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro)
                                                   A.J.Accioly (IFT, São Paulo).