1-14 AUGUST1993,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Proceedings:    Cosmology and Gravitation - VII Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation.
                                Editor: Mário Novello (CBPF) , Ed.Frontieres (1994) , 728 p., Gif-sur-Yvette, France .


                        Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime -  L.Ford

                        Gravitational Perturbation in Expanding Universe - S.Gottlöber

                        Elementary Particles and Cosmology - A.Dolgov

                        Observing the Universe - B.Jones

                        Non Singular Cosmological Models - V.Melnikov

                        Theoretical Cosmology - M.Novello

Organizing Committee:
                                                    M.Novello (CBPF, Rio de janeiro)
                                                    Fang Li Zhi (China)
                                                    C.Romero (UFPb)
                                                    A.J.Accioly (IFT, São Paulo, Brazil)
                                                    E.Elbaz (University of Lyon, France)
                                                    R.Triay (University of Marseille,France).