Quantum Cosmology - Prof. N.Pinto Neto

                         Particle Physics and Cosmology - Prof. J.Ellis

                          Modern Cosmology and Structure Formation - Prof. R.Brandenberger

                         Formation of Large Scale Structure of the Universe - Prof. V.Lukash

                          Dynamics of Inhomogeneous Models Near a Singularity in Classical and Quantum Cosmology - Prof.

                          Gravity, Quantum Mechanics and Time - Prof. B.Unruh

                          Sources of Gravitational Radiation and Prospects for Their Detection - Prof. E.Flanagan

Invited Talks:

                           Minimal Closed Set of Observables in the Theory of Cosmological Perturbations - Prof. M.Novello

                           Earth as a Low Frequency Gravitational Wave Detector - Prof. V.N.Rudenko

                           Classical Solutions in Multidimensional Cosmology - Prof. V.N.Melnikov

Organizing Committee:
                                                    M.Novello (CBPF)
                                                    C.Romero (UFPb)
                                                    E.Elbaz (University of De Lyon, France)
                                                    Fang Li Zhi (University of Michigan, EUA)
                                                    O.Aguiar (INPE, São José dos Campos-SP, Brazil)
                                                    R.Triay (Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille, France)
                                                    V.Melnikov (Centre for Fundamental Interaction and metrology, Moscou, Russia).

 Photography of the participants