Initial Value Problem Positivity of Energy - Prof. I.Choquet-Bruhat

                        Formation of Large Scale Structure in the Universe - Prof. F.LiZhi

                        Self-Consistent Cosmology an Inflationary Alternative to the Minkowskian Quantum Vacuum - Prof. E.Gunzig

                        Lectures on Semiclassical Quantum Gravity - Prof. M.Castagnino

                        Five lectures on Particle Physics and Cosmology - Prof. E.W.Kolb

                        Topics at the Interface of Particle Physics and Cosmology - Prof. D.N.Schramm

                        Stochastic Methods in Cosmology - Prof. M.Novello

Organizing Committee:
                                                    M.Novello (CBPF)
                                                    R.Aldrovandi (IFT, São Paulo)
                                                    Ligia M.C.S.Rodrigues (CBPF)
                                                    J.M.Salim (CBPF).