Proceedings:    II Escola de Cosmologia e Gravitação do CBPF -
                                Ed. Mário Novello. J.Sasson & Cia. Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, 1980.


                        Transformation Groups  - Prof. M.D.Maia

                        Supermassives Black Holes - Prof. Freitas Pacheco

                        To the Geometrization of  Eletromagnetism - Prof. M.Novello

                        "Strings" in Special and General Relativity  - Prof. P.A.Letelier Sotomayor

                        Properties of Stellar Matter - Prof. T.Kodama

                        Relativistic Cosmology - Prof. M.Novello

                        Introdution to the Formulation  of SomeTheories of Unitary Field - Prof. C.G.Oliveira

                        The Calculation of Diferential Forms  and a  Dirac Equation in Curved Space - Prof. I.D.Soares

                        Galaxies in the Universe - Prof. J.L.Seric

                        Stellar Clusters  Dynamics and  Clustes of Galaxies - Prof.  S.J.Codina-Landaberry

                        Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Cosmological Models - Prof. H.Fleming

                        Some Aspects of Gauge Theory - Prof. P.P.Srivastava

                        Gravitation Theory - Prof. C.G.Oliveira