Proceedings:    III Escola de Cosmologia e Gravitação.
                               Ed. J.A.F.Pacheco,  Sociedade  Astronômica  Brasileira.,  São Paulo, 1982.


                        The Large Scale Structure of the Universe - Prof. Guido Chincarini

                        The Applications of the Inverse Scattering Problem in General Relativity - Prof. V.A.Belinskii e Prof. V.E.Zakharov

                        Pulsars - Prof. A.Heintzmann

                        Solitons of Matter in General Relativity - Prof. Patricio S.Letelier

                        Introduction to the Formulation of Some Unitary Theories and the Gauge Theory of the Group U(3,1) - Prof. Colber G.Oliveira

                        The Electromagnetic Spectrum of the Cosmic Background Radiation - Prof. Nelson J.Shuch

                        Gravitational Coupling of Neutrinos to Matter Vorticity II: Microscopic Asymmetries in Angular-Momentum
                              Modes - Prof. I.D.Soares  and  Prof. L.C.M.S.Rodrigues.

                        Metric Fluctuations: The Macroscopic Equations of Gravity and Chaos Versus Anti-Chaos - Prof. M.Novello

                        The Angular Distribution of the Cosmic Background Radiation - Prof. Nelson J.Shuch

                        Quantum Gravity - Prof. Bruce DeWitt

                        Introduction to SuperSymmetry and Supergravitation - Prof. Prem P.Srivastava

                        Neutrinos in the Universe - Prof. Reuven Opher

Organizing Committee:
                                                   M.Novello (CBPF)
                                                   J.A.F.Pacheco (Observatório Nacional - ON, Rio de Janeiro)
                                                   L.A.Videira (Pontifícia Universidade Católica - PUC, Rio de Janeiro)
                                                   Colber G.Oliveira (UnB)
                                                   I.D.Soares (CBPF).