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Tsallis' 70th Birthday Photo Book (.PDF 8.3 MiB)


Constantino Tsallis' 70th Birthday Talk: "Theoretical Physics: Crossroads of Truth and Beauty"

Video with messages from friends and collaborators of Prof. Tsallis who could not attend the meeting:

Original Version (shown in the event):

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Day I

Hans Herrmann - ETH Zürich/Switzerland & UFC/Ceará/Brazil (.PPT 8.1 MiB)
Fluids in curved space

Benedito J. C. Cabral - ULisboa/Lisboa/Portugal (.PDF 3.1 MiB)
Hydrogen bond networks and electronic properties of complex systems

Ugur Tirnakli - Ege University/Izmir/Turkey (.PPT 9.7 MiB)
Central limit behaviour of dynamical systems: Emergence of q-Gaussians
and scaling laws

Hiroki Suyari - Chiba University/Japan (.PDF 1.2 MiB)
Combinatorial basis for Tsallis entropy and its applications

Alexandre Souto Martinez - USP/São Paulo/Brazil (.PDF 5.2 MiB)
Ergodic transition in partially self-avoiding stochastic walks

José Soares de Andrade Jr. - UFC/Ceará/Brazil
Optimal synchronizability of bearings

Luciano R. da Silva - UFRN/Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil (.PDF 2.0 MiB)
The general preferential attachment growth model and nonextensive
statistical mechanics

Marcelo B. Ribeiro - UFRJ/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (.PDF 565.1 KiB)
Testing the Goodwin growth-cycle macroeconomic dynamics in Brazil

Andrea Rapisarda - UNICT/Catania/Italy (.PDF 7.0 MiB)
The beneficial role of random strategies in social and financial
complex systems

Antonio Rodríguez Mesas - UPM/Madrid/Spain (.PPTX 4.7 MiB)
A scale-invariant probabilistic model based on Leibniz-like pyramids

Eugenio E. Vogel - UFRO/Temuco/Chile (.PPTX 4.7 MiB)
Stock market variations by means of information theory

Day II

Airton Deppman - USP/São Paulo/Brazil (.PDF 1.5 MiB)
Non-extensive self-consistency in hadronic medium

Angel Ricardo Plastino - UNNOBA/Buenos Aires/Argentina (.PDF 804.6 KiB)
Aspects of the NRT nonlinear Schroedinger equation

Alessandro Pluchino - UNICT/Catania/Italy (.PDF 26.3 MiB) (.MOV 51.9 MiB)
Noise, synchrony and correlations at the edge of chaos

Sílvio M. Duarte Queirós - CBPF/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (.PDF 1.8 MiB)
On generalisations of the log-Normal distribution by means of a new product definition in the Kapteyn process

Liacir dos Santos Lucena - UFRN/Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil (.PDF 5.2 MiB)
Wavelet coherency in complex systems

Antonio Coniglio - Univ. of Naples "Federico II"/Italy (.PDF 1.9 MiB)
Cell theory for the glass transition

Alberto Robledo - UNAM/Mexico City/Mexico
Incidence of Tsallis statistics in rank distributions

G. Cigdem Yalcin - Istanbul University/Turkey (.PDF 1.4 MiB)
Environmental aspects of superstatistics: Temperature


Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen - Imperial College London/UK (.PDF 23.4 MiB)
Restricted random walk model as a new testing ground for the
applicability of q-statistics

Jan Naudts - University of Antwerp/Belgium (.PDF 324.6 KiB)
Statistical mechanics from the point of view of information geometry

Sabir Umarov - UNH/Connecticut/United States
Beyond the triangle - Brownian motion, Itô stochastic calculus, and Fokker-Planck equation: fractional generalizations

Paul Bourgine - École Polytechnique/Paris/France
Phenomenological and theoretical reconstruction in the framework of information geometry science is the process of reconstructing theory from data

Nikos Kalogeropoulos - WCMC-Q/Doha/Qatar (.PDF 353.8 KiB)
Tsallis entropy composition: a geometric view

Jesús Sánchez-Dehesa - UGR/Granada/Spain
Tsallis' entropy for central potentials: Improved bounds and uncertainty relations

Raúl Rossignoli - UNLP/La Plata/Argentina (.PDF 1.5 MiB)
Generalized entropic measures of quantum correlations

Renio dos Santos Mendes - UEM/Paraná/Brazil (.PDF 2.6 MiB)
Data analysis of elections

Rosane Riera - PUC-Rio/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (.PDF 759.7 KiB)
An Information-based tool for inferring the nature of deterministic sources in real data

Constantino Tsallis - CBPF/RJ/Brazil \& SFI/New Mexico/USA (.PDF 17.8 MiB)
Theoretical physics: Crossroads of truth and beauty

Day IV

Ronald Dickman - UFMG/Minas Gerais/Brazil (.PDF 573.5 KiB)
Inconsistencies in steady state thermodynamics

Roger Maynard - UJF/Grenoble/France (.ZIP 25.1 MiB)
Imaging in complex media: Recent progresses

Fabiano Lemes Ribeiro - UFLA/Minas Gerais/Brazil (.PDF 1.7 MiB)
A non-phenomenological model to explain population growth behaviors

Stefan Thurner - MUV/Vienna/Austria (.PDF 1.2 MiB)
Entropy for complex and non-ergodic systems, a derivation from first principles

Rudolf Hanel - MUV/Vienna/Austria (.PDF 1.7 MiB)
From multiplicity to entropy

Apiano Morais - URCA/Ceará/Brazil
Self-organised fractal corrosion in heterogeneous solids

Sílvio C. Ferreira - UFV/Minas Gerais/Brazil (.PDF 3.9 MiB)
Mean-field theories and quasi-stationary simulations of epidemics
models on complex networks

Guiomar Ruiz Lopez - UPM/Madrid/Spain (.PPT 6.1 MiB)
Towards a large deviation theory for statistical-mechanical complex systems

Osvaldo A. Rosso - UFAL/Alagoas/Brazil & UBA/B. Aires/Argentina (.PDF 1.7 MiB)
Distinguishing noise from chaos: an Information Theory approach

Roseli S. Wedemann - UERJ/Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (.PDF 1.8 MiB)
Some properties of memory retrieval in an associative memory neural
network for conscious and unconscious mental behavior

Marcia C. Barbosa - UFRGS/Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil (.PDF 7.5 MiB) (Videos .ZIP 96.8 MiB)
Enhancement flow in nanoconfined water


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