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17th - 22nd, August 2008

SCES 2008


International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Authors of accepted abstracts to SCES'08 are invited to submit a manuscript to be published in a special (but consecutively numbered) issue of Physica B. All papers will be subject to standard refereeing procedures. Each registered participant is entitled to submit one paper for publication. Full participants will receive a CD copy of the Proceedings. A hard copy may be purchased separately.

We will start accepting submissions on July 22st, 2008.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is August 11st, 2008.

The length of each paper must be exactly 4 printed pages for contributed poster/oral contributions, and 6 pages for invited oral contributions. Contributions should reflect the work presented during the conference, they should be original and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers which were not presented in the conference, either in oral or poster form, will not be published in the proceedings. The presence of the competent author in the poster session will be confirmed by the chairperson(s) of the session.

Submission of the manuscripts and all the correspondence thereafter should be made electronically through the conference website. The submitted manuscripts are not allowed to be revised after the deadline for submission until results from the reviews have been communicated by the publication committee.

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should be submitted in either LaTeX (strongly recommended) or MS Word, and be prepared according to the guidelines, styles and templates provided by Elsevier:

LaTeX: elsart.cls, elsart5p.cls, Example_Latex_SCES2008.tex,

PDF: Example_Latex_SCES2008.pdf

MS Word: Example_Word_SCES2008.doc

In addition to the Latex or MS word manuscript files, the authors must submit a compiled PDF version of the manuscript as well.

Paper Submission Guidelines:

Elsevier has provided conference styles and templates for submissions using LaTeX or MS Word. You must use one of these to ensure that the length of the submitted manuscript is within the stated limits. Paper submissions in MS Word should use the example and fill in the text etc. as given in the template. Do not change format settings like font size, page layout, etc.

After your manuscript has been reviewed, please respond to the referee's comments and, if necessary, resubmit using the same online procedure. The status of your manuscript can be seen also online by accessing the participant’s area of the website. The final version of the article must be within the prescribed length limits.

Notes on Submitted Figures:

If you are submitting your manuscript as a LaTeX file that includes the figures directly with the \includegraphics[…]{…} command, these figures must be standard-conforming ASCII encapsulated postscript (EPS) files. Please ensure that the names of uploaded files match those used in the manuscript.


If you are submitting the manuscript as a Word file, please import the figures into the file (at the very end of it). Only TIFF-files or (Encapsulated) PS-files are accepted. Please convert all figures into TIFF, PS or EPS files and upload them separately as well.


Color figures will be published free of charge on line. In case an author wants color figures in the printed version, he will be charged. The author should let the publisher know and a ‘color letter’ will be sent to him for this purpose.


Further guidelines to the authors regarding the manuscript preparation can be found at Elsevier web site:


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