SCES 2008


17th - 22nd, August 2008



SCES '08 will cover traditional subjects, such as, f-electron compounds, d-electron systems, heavy fermions, as well as, other strongly correlated electronic materials. New types of superconductivity and other types of physical behavior arising from electronic correlations will also be covered. The conference aims to deepen our understanding of the rich physical phenomena that arise from strong correlations as, quantum phase transitions, non-Fermi liquid phenomena, quantum magnetism, unconventional superconductivity, and metal-insulator transitions. Both experimental and theoretical work will be highlighted. The objective of the conference is not only to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new results but also to introduce these subjects to young researchers. Presentations will consist of plenary talks (40 min), invited talks (30 min) and contributed talks (15 min). In addition, specially scheduled poster sessions are being planned.



Quantum phase transitions
Heavy fermion systems 
Quantum magnetism and frustrated magnets
High temperature superconductivity
Organic conductors and magnets
Low dimensional systems
Non-Fermi liquids and exotic quantum phases
Unconventional and novel superconductors
Kondo impurity and Kondo lattice systems
Mott-Hubbard systems
Interplay between spin-, charge- and orbital degrees of freedom
Correlated electrons in nanostructures
Quantum Hall liquids
Mathematical models and computational studies
Correlated atoms in optical lattices

International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems (SCES) had it's origin in the Valence Fluctuations Conferences, started in 1976 in Rochester, US and in the Valence Fluctuations, Crystalline Fields and Anomalous Actinides Conferences. In 1989 the first conference under the name SCES took place in Santa Fe, US. That was the beginning of the series of conferences listed below. Every three years since 1997, SCES has been joining the triennial International Conference on Magnetism (ICM).

  Houston, USA, May 13-18, 2007

SCES'07 HoustonSCES07 Houston

  Kyoto, Japan, (ICM) Aug. 20–25 2006

 Vienna, Austria, July 26-30, 2005

 Karlsruhe, Germany, July 26-30, 2004

  Rome, Italy, (ICM) July 27 – Aug. 1, 2003

  Krakow, Poland, July 10-13, 2002

  Ann Arbor, USA, Aug. 6-10, 2001

State of Michigan, USA

  Recife, Brazil, (ICM) Aug. 6–11, 2000
  Nagano, Japan, Aug. 24-28, 1999
  Paris, France, July 5-18, 1998
  Cairns, Australia, (ICM) 27 July -1 Aug. 1997
  Zurich, Switzerland, Aug. 18-22, 1996
  Goa, India, Sept. 27-30, 1995
  Amsterdam, Netherlands, Aug. 15-18, 1994
  San Diego, USA, Aug. 16-19, 1993
  Sendai, Japan, Sep. 7-11,1992