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From 27th to 29th November 2013

About the meeting

Quantum Information has become an extremely active field in Physics during the past decade. Not only for the exciting possibilities of processing information at the quantum level, but also for the new theoretical and experimental developments that are leading to a more profound comprehension of very basic physical theories, like Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Due to the ability for precisely controlling the dynamics of nuclear spins, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance has been one of the leading experimental tools for the implementation of protocols and algorithms in quantum information science.

The purpose of the conference is to explore developments in the field of quantum information processing in spins systems, with focus on the NMR technique. Ranging from the development of new techniques to the applications in the foundations of physics, we believe that the conference will provide an excellent scientific environment, stimulate collaboration between groups, and open new possibilities for common research pursuits.

Click here to access the recent Philosophical Transactions of the royal Society A special issue on NMR Quantum Information Processing.

Local Organizers

Prof. Ivan S. Oliveira (CBPF, Chairman)

Dr. Lucas C. Céleri (Federal University of Goiás, Vice-Chairman)

Dr. Roberto S. Sarthour (CBPF)

Dr. Alexandre M. Souza (CBPF)

Dr. Roberto M. Serra (Federal University of ABC)

Dr. Diogo O. Soares-Pinto (São Paulo State University at São Carlos)

International Advisors

Prof. Jiangfeng Du (Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Department of Modern Physics - University of Science and Technology of China)

Prof. Raymond Laflamme (University of Waterloo - Institute for Quantum Computing)

Dr. Gerardo Adesso (Nottingham University)

Prof. Mikio Nakahara (Department of Physics - Kinki University)

Prof. Dieter Suter (Fachbereich Physik - Universität Dortmund)

Dr. John Morton (Department of Materials - University of Oxford)

Contact Information

Lucas C. Céleri

Physics Institute - Federal University of Goiás

Phone: +55 (62) 3521-1014 R. 230

e-mail: lucas@chibebe.org


  1. *Brazilian Center for Research in Physics

  2. *Brazilian National Institute for Quantum Information

  3. *CNPq