Nelson Pinto Neto

    Recent Research:

The Bohm-de Broglie interpretation of quantum mechanics is an alternative to the Copenhaguen interpretation
which, as opposed to the last one, can be applied to a quantum theory of the Universe. In this approach, we
verified the existence of quantum cosmological models, free of singularities and horizons, which contract to a
non null minimum radius, and after expands as in the standard cosmological model for large values of the radius
as compared to the Planck length. We are investigating the evolution of quantum cosmological perturbations in
these scenarios and their consequences to the cosmic background radiation to see if the contracting epoch
preceding the expansion phase we live in can leed to observable facts.

Still in the quantum cosmological context, we are also studying quantum changes of topology.

In classical General Relativity, we study generalizations of the definition of gravitational energy to spaces which
are not asymptotically flat.

    Mains Areas of Research:
                                       Canonical Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology
                                      Bohm-de Broglie Interpretation of Quantum Cosmology
                                       Gravitational energy
                                       Quantum Topology's Transition
                                       Structure Formation

    Curriculum Vitae    ( postcript file in portugues)

    Present  Address :  CBPF/LAFEX
                                         Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud, 150
                                           Room 508 B
                                           Urca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

    Telephone:    0055-21-5867381