AT 2 - Alternative Theories (B)

Session Programme

 20 min---Extreme particle string motion, 
Richard Hammond, University of North Carolina

 20 min---Charge non-conservation and Photon mass: a Gauge invariant Modification of the Maxwell equations and experimental Costraints,
Claus Laemmerzahl - ZARM, University Bremen - Germany 00477

 20 min---Complete Description of Tests of Special Relativity with Cavities,
 Claus Laemmerzahl - ZARM, University Bremen - Germany 00597

 20 min---Einstein's Teleparallel theory and is Relations to Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics with Topological Defects, 
Alexander Unzicker - Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Muenchen - Germany 00285
20 min---Lorentz Violation in Electrodynamics: a Velocity Gauge Transformation Alternative,
Roberto Assumpção - Pontifícia Univers. Minas Gerais - PUC MG - Brazil 00077


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