Physics servers and services in Europe

The European Physical Society

EPS, member societies country by country (from the EPS list)


Graz, Karl-Franzens-Universität: Institut fü Theoretische Physik
Graz (TU), Faculty of Technical-Natural Sciences
Innsbruck (UI): Physics Department
Innsbruck (UI): Institute for Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Quantum Optics Group of Peter Zoller [Austria]
Linz, Johannes Kepler University: Natural Science
Salzburg, Institut für Physik und Biophysik
Vienna (TU), Institute for Theoretical Physics
Vienna (U. of Vienna): Institute for Experimental Physics
Vienna (U. of Vienna), Institute for Theoretical Physics
Vienna (U. of Vienna) Institut für Astronomie
Vienna: Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics


Belgian Physical Society (BPS),EPS Division
Brussels, Free University: Inter-University Institute for High Energies
Gent: Subatomic and Radiation Physics
Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit), Institute for theoretical physics
Liège: Institut de Physique Nucléaire Expérimentale
Limburgs Universitair Centrum Department Physics
Louvain, Departement de physique
Namur, Notre-Dame de la Paix: Faculty of Science
Royal Military Academy Physics Department


Croatian Physical Society WWW server
IRB, Theoretical Physics Division
Zagreb (UZ), Department of Physics

Czech Republic

Brno: Department of Physics [Czech Republic]
Brno, Masaryk University: Faculty of Science
Prague, Charles University: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Prague, Czech Academy of Sciences


Aarhus, Institute of Physics and Astronomy
Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) [Copenhagen]
Niels Bohr Institute, Condensed Matter
Nordita, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
Ørsted Laboratoriet Copenhagen
Risø National Laboratory [Denmark]
Technical University of Denmark, Physics Department
The Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Physical Chemistry: Membrane and Statistical Physics Group [Copenhagen]
The Technical University of Denmark: Electromagnetics Institute (EMI) [Copenhagen]


University of Tartu Physics (currently only in Estonian)


Åbo Akademi: Department of Physical Chemistry
Finnish Physical Society
The Physical Society in Finland
Helsinki University, Department of Physics
Helsinki University of Technology (HUT)
HUT: Biomedical Institute
HUT: Laboratory of Physics
HUT: Low Temperature Laboratory
HUT: Material Physics Laboratory
Jyväskylä Faculty of Natural Sciences
Lappenranta Univ. of Technology (LUT) - Physics
Oulu, Theor. Physics WWW Home Page
Oulu, Department of Geophysics
Oulu (Univ.): Department of Physical Sciences [Finland]
Oulu (Univ.): Department of Biophysics [Finland]
Tampere Univ. of Technology Physics - Fysiikka
Tampere Univ. of Technology: Laboratory of Electricity and Magnetism [Finland]
Tampere Univ. of Technology: Research in Scientific Computation, Dept. of Mathematics [Finland]
Turku, Medical Physics


Annecy-le-Vieux, Laboratoire de Physique des Particules
Bordeaux, Université Bordeaux I: Cristallographie et Physique Cristalline
Collège de France, Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire
ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, Laboratoire de Physique Nucleaire des Hautes Energies
Institut National de Physique Nucleaire et de Physique des Particules, IN2P3
Laue-Langevin Institut, Grenoble
Lyon, ENSLAPP Laboratory for Theoretical Physics
Marseille, Centre de Physique des Particules
Marseille, Serveur du Centre de Physique Theorique
Montpellier: Laboratoire de Physique-Mathematique - USTL Montpellier
Nancy: Universiti Henri Poincari (Nancy I), Laboratoire de physique du solide [France]
Paris: Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) Labratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies
Paris: Laboratoire de Minéralogie-Cristallographie (L.M.C.P) Université P.M. Curie et D. Diderot
Paris: Institut Curie (LPBC)


Aachen, University of Technology, Department of Physics
Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven German national research centre for Polar and Marine research.
Augsburg - Institut für Physik
Bayreuth, Department of Physics
Berlin (TU), Fachbereich Physik
Berlin (TU), Institute of Solid State Physics
Bochum: Theoretische Physik Institute der Ruhr-Uni-Bochum, Institut f&uunl;r Theoretische Physik III [Germany]
Bochum, Ruhr-Universität: Experimentalphysik 1
Bonn: Geodynamik - Physik der Lithosphäre
Bonn: Physikalisches Institut der Universität Bonn
Chemnitz-Zwickau (TU), Institut für Physik
Darmstadt, Physik
Darmstadt (TU) Instsitute für Festkörperphysik
Dortmund, Fachbereich Physik
Dresden, Fachrichtung Physik
Duisburg (Gerhard-Mercator Univ.), Theoretical Physics
Erlangen-Nürnberg: Physikalisches Institut und Institut für Technische Physik
Erlangen-Nürnberg: Institut für Theoretische Physik 1
Erlangen-Nürnberg, Institut für Theoretische Physik III
Essen, Fachbereich Physik
Frankfurt, Fachbereich Physik
Frankfurt: Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet, Institute for Theoretical Physics
Freiburg Physics
German Physical Society
Giessen, Institut für Angewandte Physik
Giessen, Institut für Theoretische Physik
Göttingen, FB Physik - Info
Greifswald, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University - Physics
GSI, Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung [Darmstadt] GSI is a German national lab for heavy ion research.
Hamburg University - Homepage Fachbereich Physik
Hamburg University, Theoretical Physics
Heidelberg, Physics & Astronomy
Jena, Faculty of physics,astronomy and technical sciences
Jülich: Institut für Plasmaphysik-KFA, Jülich
Karlsruhe: Institute for Theoretical Physics
Karlsruhe, Fakultät für Physik
Kiel, Institut für Angewandte Physik
Kiel, Institut für Theoretische Physik
Köln, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Konstanz - Fakultät für Physik
Leipzig, Fakultaet fuer Physik und Geowissenschaften
Lübeck: Medical University of Luebeck, Institute of Physics [Germany]
Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Condensed Matter Theory Group
Max-Born-Institut f. Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektroskopie (Berlin)
Max-Planck Institut
Max-Planck-Society, Fritz-Haber-Institut [Berlin-Dahlem]
Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie [Bonn]
Max Planck Institut für Astrophysik [Garching bei München]
Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik [Garching bei München]
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (IPP) [Garching bei München]
Max-Planck-Institutes in Göttingen [Göttingen]
Max-Planck-Institut für Strömungsforschung [Göttingen]
Max Planck Institute-Nuclear Physics [Heidelberg]
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy and its Observatory at Calar Alto, Spain [Heidelberg]
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / Arbeitsgruppe Gravitationstheorie [Jena]
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / Arbeitsgruppe Röntgenoptik [Jena]
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, Werner-Heisenberg-Institut [München]
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft: Nonlinear Dynamics Group [Potsdam University]
Max Planck Gesellschaft: Vielteilchenphysik (many-body physics) [Rostock]
Max-Planck-Institutes in Stuttgart [Stuttgart]
Marburg, Philipps-Universität: Fachbereich Physik
München (LMU) Fakultät für Physik
München, Technische Universität, Faculty of Physics
Münster, Institut für Theoretische Physik I
Oldenburg - Physics
Stuttgart, Inst. f. Theoretische und Angewandte Physik
Tübingen (UT): Institute for Applied Physics
Tübingen, Theoretische Astrophysik and Computational Physics
Walter Schottky Institut
Wuppertal, Physics Department


Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas Heraklion - Crete, Greece Home page for the European Ultraviolet Laser Facility which operates at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (I.E.S.L.) of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FO.R.T.H.), in Crete, Greece.


Eötvös University (ELTE): Theoretical Physics [Budapest]
Eötvös University (ELTE): Institute for Solid State Physics [Budapest]
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Central Research Institute of Physics (KFKI) [Budapest]
Institute of Nuclear Research (ATOMKI) [Debrecen]
Research Institute for Solid State Physics (KFKI-SzFKI) [Budapest]


European Network for Research in Global Change (ENRICH) [Iceland]


Dublin (University College) Centre for Soft Condensed Matter Research


Tel Aviv University: School of Physics and Astronomy
Weizmann Institute, Faculty of Physics
Weizmann Institute of Science, Plasma Laboratory


Bari Physics Institute
Cagliari: Physics Department
Calabria: Department of Physics
Catania: Istituto di Astronomia & Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Domus Galilaeana, Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali [Pisa, Italy] Instiute for research in the field of History of Science, focusing on Galileo Galilei and the scientific movement with which Galileo is historically identified. The Institute consists of a specialised library for the history of science, an archive containing documents about Antonio Pacinotti (inventor of the dynamo), Enrico Fermi, Ettore Majorana, Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli.
Frascati: Institute for Space Astrophysics (I.A.S.) [Italy] I.A.S. belongs to the italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR)
Genova: Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering
Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Milan: Institute for Research in Cosmic Physics and Related Technologies
Modena (Univ. of Modena): Condensed Matter Physics/Solid State Physics [Italy]
Napoli: International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, CNR
Napoli Physics
Napoli, Museum of Physics Department
Parma - Department of Physics
Pisa: Physics Home Page
Palermo: Institute of Cosmic Physics and Computer Science (IFCAI) [Italy]
Rome, Physics Dept.
Rome University La Sapienza, Physics Department
Rome University 1 Physics Dept.
TeSRE Institute (Technology and Study of Extraterrestrial Radiation CNR - National Research Council of Italy, Bologna The TeSRE Institute is a non-profit state-funded research Institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Its activities are mainly devoted to astronomy/astrophysics.
Trento, Department of Physics
Trento: European Centre of Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas
Trieste: International School for Advanced Studies (ISAS) - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA)
Trieste: International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Trieste: Dept. of Theoretical Physics
Trieste: Department of Oceanology and Environmental Geophysics
Udine: Department of Physics of the University of Udine


Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics (Sauletekis campus)

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Physics
Delft Technical Physics
Eindhoven University of Technology: Physics Department [The Netherlands]
Eindhoven University of Technology: Theoretical Physics Eindhoven
Groningen: Chemistry and Physics
Leiden University - Department of Physics and Astronomy
Nijmegen Theoretical High-Energy Physics Dept.
Nijmegen, High Energy Physics Institute (HEFIN)
Nijmengen, Biophysics Lab
Nijmegen (UN): Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory
NIKHEF, National Institute for Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Utrecht University, Faculty of Physics & Astronomy


Bergen, Department of Physics
Bergen, Geofysisk Institutt
Norwegian Institute of Technology: Physics
Oslo: University of Oslo, Department of Physics
Oslo: Institutt for Geofysikk, Universitetet i Oslo
Tromso Physics Department


Cracow: Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Cracow: University of Mining & Metallurgy, Faculty of Physics
Lublin: UMCS Theoretical Physics Department
Torun: Nicolaus Copernicus University Institute of Astronomy
Warsaw University, Physics Department home page.
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Physics
Wroclaw, Institute of Theoretical Physics University of Wroclaw


Kurchatov Institute
Lebedev Institute Home Page
Moscow State University Physics Department WWW Server
Moscow State University, Department of Physics, Magnetism division
Russian Academy of Sciences, Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute at St.Petersburg
Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI) Home Page
Synapse Science Center [Moscow, Russia] Synapse Science Center (SSC) was established in the 1990 as a scientific-engineering center of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR


Slovak Academy of Sciences


IJS Home Page
Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana School of Medicine: Institute of Biophysics


Cantabria, Física Moderna
Leioa: University of the Basque Country, Physics [Spain]
Madrid, Grupo de Altas Energias de la UCM
Madrid, Institute of Physical Chemisty Rocasolano
Madrid: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Surface Physics Laboratory
Palma de Mallorca, Physics Department at the University of the Balearic Islands
Zaragoza HyperText Archives


Chalmers (Gothenburg), Physics
Karoliniska Institut (Stocholm) Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB)
Linköping University, Department of Physics
Luleå University of Technology, Physics
Lund University, Physics Department
Lund: Mathematical Physics and Mechanics
Mälardalens Högskola i Västerås: Institutionen för Matematik och Fysik
Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Alfvén Laboratory
Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Department of Physics
Stockholm University: Department of Physics
Stockholm (U. of Stockholm) Theoretical Physics Group
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna Division
Swedish Institute of Space Physics,Umea Division
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala Division
Swedish Academy of Sciences
Umeå University: Department of Physics
Uppsala, Department of Physics
Uppsala University: The Svedberg Laboratory and the Department of Radiation Sciences [Sweden]


Basel, Condensed Matter
Lausanne, Section de Physique de l'UNIL
Neuchatel University: Physics Institute
Neuchatel, Institute of Microtechnology
Zürich (ETHZ), Departement Physik
Zürich (University)-PHYS Starter


Bilkent, Department of Physics
Istanbul Technical University, Department of Physics
Middle East Technical University Physics Department


Lviv Institute for Condensed Matter Physics

United Kingdom

Aberdeen Medical Physics Welcome Page
Bath (UB), School of Physics
Birkbeck College - Crystallography
Bristol, Department of Physics
Cambridge: University of Cambridge, Astronomy
Cambridge: University of Cambridge, Department of Physics
Cardiff Univ. of Wales, Department of Physics and Astrophysics
Edinburgh, Department of Physics
Essex University Physics Department
Exeter Theoretical Physics
Glasgow Astrophysics Group
Glasgow High Energy Physics Group
Heriot-Watt University, Physics Department
Hertfordshire (UH at Hatfield): Physics and Astronomy Dept.
Hull: Univ. of Hull, Depart. of Applied Physics [Kingston upon Hull]
Imperial College, London: Department of Physics
Institute of Physics (IOP)
Joint European Torus [UK] JET is the world's largest magnetic confinement fusion experiment which aims at confirming the scientific theory of fusion and the scientific feasibility of nuclear fusion for power generation.
Keele University at Staffordshire: Physics Department
Kings College London, Department of Physics
Lancaster University: School of Physics and Chemistry
Leeds, The Department of Physics
Leicester Starlink Home Page
Liverpool, Department of Applied Maths & Theoretical Physics
Liverpool, The Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Surface Science
Loughborough University of Technology, Department of Physics [UK]
Manchester University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Middlesex University, London: Manufacturing Engineering
National Physical Laboratory [London, UK]
Newcastle upon Tyne: Department of Physics
Newcastle upon Tyne, Condensed Matter Physics
Norwich, School of Physics, University of East Anglia [UK]
Nottingham Physics Department
Open University Physics Department
Oxford University:
Oxford: Dept. of Earth Sciences
Oxford Physics Home Page
Oxford: Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
Oxford: Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
Portsmouth, Physics Home Page
Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London: Physics
Queen's University of Belfast: Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
Royal Holloway, University of London: Physics
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Salford, Department of Physics WWW homepage
Southampton High Energy Physics (SHEP)
St. Andrews, Physics And Astronomy Home Page
Strathclyde Physics and Applied Physics [Glasgow]
Surrey Physics Web Server
Surrey: SCNP (Southern Centre for Nuclear Physics) [Guildford, UK]
Swansea, University of Wales Physics Department
UK CTI Centre for physics The CTI centre for physics is one of 23 subject based centres in the UK set up to promote the use of computers for teaching in the UK higher educations sector.
Warwick: University of Warwick at Coventry Department of Physics [UK]
York: Physics